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Linfa operates as a cash-free restaurant, i.e. without the use of cash.
We know that this is a disruptive decision. Still, it is in line with the gentle revolution that allows us to modernise the habits of our community, made up of businesses and citizens, improving the fluidity and security of transactions.
We thus guarantee a high-level checkout experience. A smooth and fast checkout helps our customers and staff stay focused and control.

  • Faster transactions: we eliminate queues and speed up check out;
  • Better service: faster payments mean more time and attention to be dedicated to our customers;
  • Technologies and sustainability: cutting-edge tools and software for superlative services and solutions;
  • No more inefficiencies: we accept all electronic payment methods;
  • We accept contactless payments with an operation speed of fewer than 5 seconds;
  • Benefits for the staff: we are people as well as restaurateurs and therefore we want to guarantee the best work experience for our staff. Being cashless allows us to eliminate unnecessary and unsafe actions and procedures such as cash counting;
  • Being cashless also helps us to eliminate the unnecessary costs of managing cash, to allows us to use our resources to continue buying only and exclusively ingredients of the highest quality and freshness, which has become a challenge with the recent cost increases of raw materials;
  • We reduce the risks and threats to our staff of robbery, and theft;
  • Hygiene is key and money management is not ideal when promoting a healthy dining environment. By going cashless, we can avoid potential cross-contamination;
  • Ultimately, perhaps not everyone knows that euro banknotes are made with original animal products such as fat obtained from the subcutaneous tissue of sheep, horses and cattle;
  • Are you from one of the member countries of the European Union and would like to pay in cash? It is cheaper to use electronic payments than to withdraw cash. The exchange rate on card payments is fixed at the base rate, while the exchange of cash in the local currency is always in favour of the company that manages the exchange. In short, this means that it is cheaper to pay with digital payment tools.

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