Linfa: Love Intensely the Nature the Future with Awareness

The concept of Linfa

A more responsible dining

We create a real impact on people’s lives. This impact is achieved through an entrepreneurial and educational policy promoting awareness of healthy and sustainable food choices at the national level.

Since 2021, we have inspired a cultural change by elevating the experience of plant-based cuisine, offering tasty and sustainable menus to an audience that may not have had the opportunity to discover the wide range of options available in the plant-based world. We create awareness about dietary choices and how they impact the ecosystem we live in.

Cerchio Linfa
Edoardo Valsecchi, Founder & Owner di Linfa

The Founder

Edoardo Valsecchi

The visionary owner leading the redefinition of the future of plant-based cuisine.

Driven by a deep passion for creating extraordinary culinary experiences, after training in the hospitality and restaurant industry with some of the world’s foremost establishments, he embarked on a mission to challenge traditional notions of Italian dining.

Under Edoardo’s guidance, Linfa has become synonymous with excellence, inclusivity, and progress.

His innovative spirit, coupled with a profound respect for nature and commitment to sustainability, has enabled Linfa Milano – Eat Different to become, in just two years of operation, the benchmark for plant-based dining in Italy, an unmissable destination for those seeking something innovative and unparalleled.

At the forefront of this gentle revolution, Linfa’s work is based on a careful and deep system of values that reflect the essence and experience of its founder:

Executive Chef

Antonio Alderuccio

Antonio Alderuccio, originally from Syracuse, began his culinary career in London, quickly rising through the ranks in the kitchens of various hotels. In 2019, he founded Plant Club, a restaurant specializing in organic, gluten-free, and vegan Italian cuisine. His cuisine is characterized by passion, creativity, and a quest for balancing flavors and textures.

Alderuccio is known for his mastery in harmonizing ingredients and creating a unique culinary experience. His dedication and skills have helped dispel prejudices against gluten-free and vegan cuisine. His cooking is a celebration of flavors, colors, and aromas that convey passion and originality.

Sushi Bar Chef

Franklin Nastasi

Your map is not the territory.” This quote deeply reflects the culinary philosophy of Franklin Nastasi, our Sushi Bar Chef. Hailing from Venezuela and boasting over 18 years of experience in international cuisine, along with a master’s degree in pastry and baking, Franklin has embarked on an eclectic culinary journey. Drawing inspiration from Asian, Italian, Spanish, and Latin American traditions, he has cultivated a passion for fusion cuisine, demonstrating that diverse culinary cultures can come together in harmony.

Nastasi’s career has spanned kitchens of various sizes, from family-run restaurants to large commercial chains. This diversification has contributed to the development of a personal unique culinary vision. For him, an ideal kitchen is a clean and well-organized environment where creativity and culinary identity can flourish, serving as a bridge to bring people together, regardless of their origins.

People before professionals