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Il Ristorante Linfa

Linfa is Made in Italy

The world needs Flavor and Health

Plant-based, gluten-free, inclusivity, circular economy, zero waste, organic, support for local farmers.

Virtuous practices are also at the core of design solutions: from optimizing natural light filtering into the spaces to the quality of seating upholstery made with zero environmental impact (and cruelty-free), every detail is designed with care and love for the only planet we have.

A message to be shared in a masterful place.

Linfa is green


We believe that sustainability is an important issue and we are committed to doing our part to reduce our environmental impact. By using organic and vertical farming ingredients, offering plant-based dishes, using eco-friendly packaging, reducing waste, and promoting energy efficiency, we hope to set an example for other businesses and encourage our customers to make more sustainable choices.

Il concetto di sostenibilità alla base dei piatti e delle bevande di Linfa

Our menu

Every dish on the menu is the result of a study that values local and seasonal ingredients, strictly plant-based, eco-friendly, with a focus on the nutrition and well-being of the guest who enjoys them. But it’s not just that; the course is an experience that evokes emotion, an exclusive and iconic moment.

Linfa is


Linfa operates as a cash-free restaurant, meaning no physical cash transactions are accepted. It’s a groundbreaking decision in line with the gentle revolution that modernizes our community’s habits, enhancing the smoothness and security of transactions. We ensure a high-level, seamless checkout experience that aids both our customers and our staff in maintaining focus and control.

Linfa garantisce il pagamento digitale con tutti i maggiori canali di pagamento
Restaurant opening hours

Monday-Thursday: 12-3 PM; 7-11 PM
Friday-Saturday: 12-3 PM; 7 PM-12 AM

Available services

Reservation & Walk-in
Takeaway & Delivery