Sushi Bar

A unique offering in Italy

Vegan sushi bar

A unique format in Milan

We are proud to be innovators of sushi in Milan in a cruelty-free, sustainable, and 100% plant-based version, offering an unparalleled experience since 2021. Our chefs combine the highest quality ingredients with art and technique to create a delicious and visually stunning menu.

Il Sushi Bar Linfa
Il Sushi Bar Linfa

A multisensory experience

The unique atmosphere of Linfa's sushi

Our Sushi Bar is not just an additional menu option. It’s a complete and continuous experience, starting with the Chef you can observe at the sushi counter, dedicating meticulous care to the preparation of the dishes.

To accompany the sushi, we have carefully selected a range of paired beers. Tied together by subtlety, our beers also follow Linfa’s principles, synthesizing quality and harmony with the menu.

All of this unfolds in an elegant environment that harmonizes with the dishes and pampers customers in the unique experience of vegan sushi.

An ever-evolving menu

We use a combination of traditional ingredients and innovative plant-based alternatives to create a menu that impresses even the most discerning palates. Our dishes are flavorful and healthy, always offering an exceptional culinary experience.

Linfa’s sushi made wherever you want

Delivery services

In addition to dinner options, our plant-based sushi is also available for takeout, home delivery, catering, and events, as well as through our Chef at home service. We are committed to providing you with the flexibility to enjoy our delicious sushi wherever and whenever you desire.

Sushi Bar opening hours

Monday-Thursday: 12-3 PM; 7-11 PM
Friday-Saturday: 12-3 PM; 7 PM-12 AM

Available services

Reservation & Walk-in
Takeaway & Delivery