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Linfa is divided into four thematic areas: the entrance, where a central bar counter welcomes customers in a soft and pleasant atmosphere and where you can enjoy drinks at the counter (Main Room), the second, more reserved, convertible for events and celebrations, is modern and innovative (PDR), the third has a metropolitan mood and allows you to watch the work of the brigade and chef thanks to the open kitchen (Chef's Tables). The outdoor area, furnished in close continuity with the interior, is made with collapsible windows and a selection of decorative plants (Dehor).

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Linfa Milano

Linfa is the ideal location for banquets and events.

Careful selection of materials and obsessive attention to every detail define the location as international chic.

Warm Mediterranean colors envelop a totally ecofriendly state-of-the-art environment that rejects modern standards of catering, leaving its guests impressed and pampered as they enjoy a true multisensory experience.  Linfa also offers the possibility of using its rooms for meetings and corporate events thanks to a range of services offered, from HD smart TV to free fiber wifi network, allowing you to hold presentations and meetings in total tranquility, surrounded by comfort and elegance and with unparalleled audio and video quality.

Linfa also offers exclusive Catering, small and large experiences, with customized Enogastronomic offerings.

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